First access permission granted

As I wrote in the previous blog, I started to be an active contributor 2 years after creating my account in 2011. Since April 2011, it seems that the dream is still on.

This picture of Amsterdam is my last success story. I have seen this picture from another contributor and from another agency but I couldn't where is the exact location. Later on, I discovered that it is a terrace of a famous hotel. Then, I decided to write an email likely throwing a message in a bottle on the sea requesting permission to access to the premise of the hotel. My surprise was, I've got a reply and a positive reply. So the appointment is set, I went there and a kind lady bring me to the spot after introducing myself. The weather is just a freezing one, around zero degree Celsius with a lot of wind as you can imagine at the eleven floor level outdoor.

My second surprise is once I am back home, rapidly edited and uploaded, the picture has been selected to be part of the Editors choice picture which is a "Waaaaaaaahhhh" for me. I grab this opportunity to thank again DT for selecting and liking my picture.

This is the background of the last preferred 2016 picture. As conclusion of my post, I may say that it is worth to ask permission once you localized your spot to the owner of the premise.

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January 06, 2017


Nice picture. Location and location or as Ansel Adams said "A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” Congratulation on the Editors choice picture.

January 06, 2017


Amazing image!

January 05, 2017


i love this picture :)

January 05, 2017


Nice pic

January 05, 2017


Great Photo!

January 04, 2017


Nice story. Great Photo! Congrats!

January 04, 2017


Wow! Amazing Image. Congrats on your milestone and best wishes for your continued success :)

January 04, 2017


Beautiful amazing Picture , congrats

January 04, 2017


Congratulations for this picture but I think here is where you saw the picture on another contributor:

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Photo credits: Digikhmer.