First in amused

I search the stock by keywords ‘nice photo’, what I have on my mind? First three photos/illustrations that amused me will be subjects of this article.

My first tip was this one almost monochrome photo of cat on a tree, really good one I think subject is good visible on white background, and in background there are some color trees that proved that this is really a photo not illustration. I wonder was it taken over light or is it a PS manipulation? Take some moment to see what else this photographer have in his/her portfolio and I was shocked to see that he/she is a newbie to DT have five images and this is first one photo in his/her portfolio. Good job I think gave us some more to amused.

© Frider
But returning to the subject second one is sad girl, like it because of its expression and composition and it is black/white photo. Take some quick look on portfolio of this photographer and you will see that he have some incredible potential. Like his images a lot.

And third place goes to feet in the see, why? It is classic beautiful photo with main fun and happy expression in my opinion. This photographer is really experienced and has been a featured in 2006.

This are mine tips in ranking of my personal amused.

Photo credits: Alexey Teterin, Laura Raveggi, Leloft1911.

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March 19, 2008


Thank you very much for choosing my cat! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! =)

March 14, 2008


oops my mistake, and good idea for article Abused photos.
Thanks a lot Ellen.

March 14, 2008


oops. I think you meant "First in Amused" Yes?

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