First assignment image approved ever!

I was reflecting for a while (half an hour I think:)) whether to write this blog or not and if it’s right to write a blog about assignment image.

But I just couldn't keep myself from doing it) It means so much for me! First image approved for assignment.

My first attempt for this assignment (and the second ever) was not successful, and I felt rather disappointed as I spent several days drawing it.

But then it was approved as a regular image and at that time it was enough for me.

I wasn't going to make another picture for this assignment, as I was afraid it was a bit late, and to say the truth, I didn't have any more ideas.

But then I saw this image in my had)

And today just an hour ago it was approved! I'm so proud of it taken its place among others) It's an interesting feeling to create something on demand, so to say.

Not just because you saw something and took a picture of it, but to have certain conditions - frames, I would say - within which you have to work))

And once again famous saying try, try and try again has been proved to be right.

Disappointments can stop you from doing more, but if you face them and use them right – they can be of great help.

I'd like to wish success, at least a lot of sales), to all the participants of the assignment, it's nice to be among you,

especially because many of you have become my good friends here)

Photo credits: Kaththea.

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April 28, 2010


congratulations Kaththea its a super concept and a great image.......keep em coming lol

April 28, 2010



April 15, 2010


very niiiice! well done and congrats on your success

April 15, 2010



April 07, 2010


Congratulations!!!!! It's real great image! Good job!!!!!

April 06, 2010


Great concept and nice image. well you can count my vote too, full 5.

April 06, 2010


Thanks Rosedarc, Carolyne, Eti, Jennifer and Groovychick69 for your nice comments! Good luck to you all with sales and assignments!)

April 04, 2010


Congratulations! Your image is beautiful. I just uploaded 3 assignment images. I hope they are approved.

April 03, 2010


I tried assignments a couple of times but both didn't quite make it so I can imagine how exciting this must be for you. Your entry is very creative, well done, congrats! You can count on my vote.

April 03, 2010


Many congrats! AND to many more!

April 03, 2010


Congratulations! Good luck ;)

April 02, 2010


It's great!! Very happy for you that you didn't give up and got in with such a nice image. Good luck with it.

April 02, 2010


Wow! Your comments are so great! Thank you all!
And thanks Maen for the vote)

April 02, 2010


I love it! It's not only creative but also very impressive looking! Congratulations!

April 02, 2010


Congratulations!Very beautiful image and a great idea!

April 02, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS! you deserve to be a winner.
i love your portfolio. you have many awesome work !

April 02, 2010


Congratulations! It's beautiful^^

April 02, 2010


This is indeed wonderful news! I am so happy for you. Good is a lovely image.

April 02, 2010


It's great!

April 02, 2010


Well done, congratulations!

April 02, 2010


Congratulations !!

April 02, 2010


I'm happy that you made it! Well done! Got my 5 ;)

April 02, 2010


Congratulations :)

April 02, 2010


Your idea is great - the holy book and the globe. That´s a nice concept. Wish you good luck.

April 02, 2010


Well deserved!

April 02, 2010


And a beautiful one, too! Great!

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