A first for Auzi - Robert Allenby

It has happened, it was hot! — I was there and have plenty to show …

Now all that I wish is that I could get a few more up per day

No matter, I'll keep at it —

So for those that have been eagerly awaiting the samples to view, pls keep a keen eye out & you will see the new additions over the next few days/weeks [or months] as it does seen quite slow going at the moment … but hopefully that will change in time to come …

I hope that I have been able to capture this special moment well enough to display what a marvel it is …

It was a tough play-off between Allenby & last years record breaking Henrik Stenson, but alas there can be only one …

Congrats to the winner — Robert Allenby — the first Australian to win this tournament in 28 years …

More pics to come, as they are waiting in the wings …

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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December 09, 2009


Well done I'm sure it was great!! best of luck with the photos :)

December 09, 2009


Thanks Guys & Gals …
I'll keep them coming thru,as fast as the system will permit

December 09, 2009


Congrats Patrick, some great images so far, will keep an eye out for further submissions.

December 08, 2009


you must have had a great time - great shots, wishing you lots of luck

December 08, 2009


Nice shots! Looks like you are on the right track to improving your approval ratio. Cheers!

December 08, 2009


great shots

December 08, 2009


Great sport and pictures, Patrick!...one of my favorites...

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