First blog in 2009

Happy new year to everyone!

I joined DT in December,2007.But by now,I had only 359 files online and 286 sales.Comparing with other friends on DT,I don't think this is a good result.Maybe because I have not that much time for DT,maybe because the photos I uploaded didn't fit the need of buyers so much.Below are several photos in my 'Most popular images' list.

But most of my photos lie down there with 0 download.Probably I should think about the reason.Hope I can figure out how to shoot better and how to enhance the quality of my image.

Best wishes to every DTer in 2009!Good luck!

Photo credits: Alanchen.

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January 08, 2009


Thanks for your encouragement!
Acesarek's advice is very helpful to me,thank you!

January 07, 2009


The tian tan image looks great!

January 07, 2009


Your photos are great, I don't think that is a bad amount of downloads, the strength is definitely in numbers in this game. It am sure it has a lot to do with subject matter. Most the downloads I get are of people, that seems to be the highest in demand on this site. Also alot of your uploads are different photos of the same subject. Also, you can add more keywords.

January 07, 2009


Chen, your pictures are really good. Upload more...

January 07, 2009


Your photos are beautiful!

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