First blog

This is my first blog, as I am new to DT I am learning day by day.

Checkout this pic of owl I love it.

Photo credits: Picstudio.

Your article must be written in English



No, I am not french, I think its by chance this must be happened.



I'm sorry to use your blog but I'd like to know if you're french. The name "Picstudio" is used for my society. Could you tell me what's the matter please?

See you, Arnaud


Welcome to Dreamstime! The owl photograph is fantastic. Your Portfolio is fantastic. Congrats on your first sale


Thanks a lot u r so nice God bless u with even more sales.


How about your first sale???? here we go.


Good joke, I don't think its like that. Thanks for ur great advise.


Welcome here! As a newbie here read Message boards. You'll find a lot of usefull stuff there. There are only friendly people in DT!
Is that chimpanzee in your portfolio pointing midle finger? :)
Good luck here!

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