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Well, I've looked around dreamstime quite a bit and there is a lot of excellent work here. It boggles the mind the amount of talent here. It makes me want to pick back up my camera and polish back up my photography skills.

I might just do that.

This is one example of what I'm talking about with the excellent quality work.

Photo credits: Les3photo8.

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December 24, 2007


Thanks! I agree. I think it'd be quite something to attain to that level of photography! I have several pictures that I've done that aren't big enough to post here either, but I have been taking some more, hooray! I really enjoy photography, too, and want to check out some classes. I took a look at a new camera today. I hope I get some money for Christmas. I have loved taking pictures for a long time as well, and only thought about trying to take strides toward becoming more advanced in the field. I've posted some photos, and they are also waiting to be accepted. =)

December 23, 2007


Welcome Sasha, yes do it! Nice pic! Yes he is quite inspiring... I don't foresee myself advancing to that level of photography yet... paying a hot tied up hunk.. Or maybe not paying them? hmmm haha
it would be exciting to find willing guinea pigs like that, for free!
I peeked at your profile.
I love to photograph cats too. Some of my greatest ones are not large enough to post here. You should get busy and start posting! It is SO much fun! I have a ton of photos waiting to be accepted, it's keeping me busy. Photography is a long time passion for me, but this year I've taken classes and it got me so motivated, I'm more excited than ever.
I love these blogs because everyone is so nice, and encouraging and they post about their good experiences and no one is arrogant.
It's exciting when a new photographer takes the steps a more advanced one already has, and read about their experience. Everyone is helpful and there's always a first time for everyone to break through. I love it.

December 22, 2007



December 22, 2007


welcome to the group sasha

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