First blog. Main things.

Love photo, more that i love nature, and when i can get beautiful photo of nature I get very happy. best thing in such photos is not light or expose, not technical things, it is when you can get a photo of a moment....just one second moment of natures live. Nature (plants, landscapes, rivers or animals - they are all alive) lives just like you or me, and change every time.

Any way, I go the deep taiga for example to leave city, industry and other standards. You know there, it does not mean what type of camera or cellular you`v got, mean nothing how much you`v got money or how much cost you clothes. In nature only you like a man, like a kind human, like a good friend, have a reason.

I want that all of us were not slaves to the things and modern stereotypes. Let's be people.

Photo credits: Valerii.

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August 20, 2009


Thanks a lot.
Some of you photos are funny, some tending, some has secrets... They are all beautifull!!! Great.

August 20, 2009


Oh so true.Love this post and you have great photos

July 29, 2009


Very true. I'm trying to live in 'the moment' at the moment. Trying to be mentally, where I am physically and enjoy the outdoors while I'm there. Instead of my mind wandering off to things that need doing elsewhere. It's not as easy to do as it sounds :0)

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