First Blog Post- fighting chance

I am not sure what to put into this blog. I think it will be about the shoots that I go on and the day to day of being a stock/freelance photographer, trying to eek out a living in a small US city. I will try to update it a couple of times a week.

Right now I have galleries on a bunch of sites, and am sort of at a mid range in my career as a stock photographer. My galleries have some standard shots and then some really creative stuff.... but honestly I am not making a living just off of stock. However, it doesn't seem like a insurmountable task to get to that point. It just takes time.

Creatively right now I am pulling away from the standard shots and heading toward the more creative. By standard shots I mean, the good old- man holding laptop, woman talking on cell phone. I will still continue to take those, so I always have a fresh supply, but I want to get back to some more creative work.

Photo credits: Vincent Giordano.

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November 07, 2007


I think that writing about your shoots is a very good idea as it will help you to refine and define what you want to and have accomplished. Plus it will be very useful to others. Good Luck!

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