First blog posting

Because this is my first blog-post, I thought it may come in handy to give you an idea of my activities as a media developer.


First of all, I am a website developer. I developed about fifty website’s, most of them for company’s. For being a media developer this may seem not so much, but the reason therefore is that in my opinion quality is still more important than quantity. Therefore, I don’t accept each offer someone makes me. I only build website’s of which I’m one hundred percent sure that I can build them the way I like to work : with a strong corporation between my client and myself.

Most of the time, developing a website takes about two months. When I agree to make a website, the first step is to ask my client to educate me about his products, because I believe it just is impossible to develop a website concerning a subject you don’t know. Afterwards, we focus on the design, mostly based on a clients house style, with a navigation based on his product range.

I also ask my client to tell me which developments or investments he or she is planning to do in the future. In this way the first design of a website is already prepared for future changes inside the product range or the company itself.

I know several webdesign-company’s think their task is finished once the website is launched, but in my opinion the work is just started. After the launch it’s important to stay tuned, and to do a careful follow-up of the website, so you can change or update immediately when expected results stay out.

Also a careful follow-up of search engine results and a periodical analysis of statistical results are part of the deal.

Digital catalogues

Digital catalogues are auto-run cd-rom’s, who come in several different ways. Providing a full service, I design the content and the packaging of this catalogue. The content mostly exists of an interface loaded in the users’ browser, from which he or she can navigate throughout this catalogue containing information and media-features concerning the product range.

Digital catalogues are stylish packed in a package based on the house style of the client.

Online advertising

I also provide consultancy and technical services for people and company’s who want to hire or rent out advertising space on the internet.


Besides the above, I am a model- and product photographer. As a model photographer I do work for Catchlight Visual Services, a photostock company specializing in family life and portraits.

From time to time I also make travel pictures which are distributed throughout a number of channels to be used as illustrations in both printed and virtual media. Occasionally I make reportages of weddings and other family-related occurrences.

© Rolmat

The last service I provide to customers is video, although I have to mark that this service is mostly provided in collaboration with collegian media developers. When collaborating with others, the montage is mostly my task.


More information about my work is online available at my website : . At this time my website is only available in Dutch, but a translation into English is planned to be online before the end of 2007.

Photo credits: Monika Adamczyk, Rui Matos, Tomas Marek.

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