First days in Photoland

Equipped with fairly good knowledge of words, strong sense of humour, gripping onto reality, sometimes wandering through alternatives, chattering all the time, a habit she still can’t get rid of, Alice stumbled upon photography with genuine and untrained eyes. Never wanting to grow up. Entangled in language, unreadable, untranslatable and unexplainable, she decided to quit the wordful void and inhabit colour and light. She fell by accident into the rabbits' hole one summer day. After floating and laughing, she met the rabbits. You have to think of Santa’s magic house full of working elves to envisage the rabbits’ hole. They sat her into a swing and gave her cookies and potions.

She could not really eat them or drink them, as this magic land was no longer the land of the mouth but the land of the eyes. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Alice was served images. She could have gotten annoyed, but she didn’t. Surprisingly enough, she traveled a lot with her eyes. Learning to be silent. She could not be otherwise with the rabbits working constantly around her and presenting her with image after image. All words lighted, burnt intensely, exploded and slowly died inside her with each cookie and potion that came. Words could not be uttered or voiced as that was obsolete in the rabbits’ hole. Who needed words with so much light, colour and life around? they would have inquired her. So Alice kept silent and watched. She should have been unhappy and lonely but instead, she felt happy and surrounded by life.

The rabbits were nice and helpful. When she felt gloomy and depressed, they made her smile and breathe. Then the laughter of the beautiful child could be heard again in the hole. They gave her some feathery wings to fly around and catch the images floating around her. In this way, she would never cry and bother them from their work. It took her some time to get used to them, but she knew she could not bother the good rabbits too much or too long as they had to confection the cookies and mix the potions to send them out there to many other Alices living around the world, never wanting to grow up, always hungry for beauty and life.

Photo credits: Constantin Opris, Andrei Aristide.

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