The first earned 1000 dollars!!!!!

Hi all.

Today I would like to share with you the pleasure!

Having woken up in the morning I have found out that I have earned first thousand dollars!!

It is a little history :)

Approximately one year ago I have heard about Dreamstime and that it is possible to earn money selling the photos but I have not believed. I have thought that it is one more deceit which it is a lot of on the Internet.

I’ve been offered to try and it will be convinced that all is real. I was registered on Dreamstime and I have loaded some the photos. After half a year I had the bought 2 photos for 1.5$. I didn't like look on it at all.But in the beginning of 2008 I have wanted to try once again, but now I have decided to put more efforts.

I have loaded 55 photos in January but there was no sale however I have decided not to stop. Then I have loaded 93 photos in February, and I had 13 sales for a month. Then affairs have gone well. I loaded every month about 100 photos and in July I had 287 sales in a month. I think it not a limit.

I am grateful to all community Dreamstime! I am very glad that you are.

with the best regards, Oleh

Photo credits: Indos82.

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July 12, 2009


This blog was posted one year ago.
and now by looking at your sales, I guess should definitely more than $5000.
Wow, well done! I hope I will follow your foot step...
I think I have to increase the size of my portfolio.

July 12, 2009


Wow! That is definitely something to be proud of. Hope you earn your second 1000 soon. I'm sure we will keep hearing from you.


July 12, 2009


I am pleased to wish you my best congratulations!
Keep on the good work.


July 11, 2009



September 05, 2008


Absolutely amazing. Congrats!

September 03, 2008


Thanks all!! ;)

September 03, 2008


Great job and good words.



August 30, 2008


Great job! I'm up to over $700, so hopefully I'll have my first $1000 article to post soon!

August 22, 2008


dont know how else to let you know this Indos82 but someone called shadow216 has uploaded an image called dragon3 which appears to be one of yours!

August 21, 2008


to Rheo
I congratulate you. It is achievement too :))

August 19, 2008


Once again I will tell thanks for congratulations! It very pleases me to read.

August 18, 2008


Congrats I just joined the site 1 week back, still approval is due. Hoping for the best.

August 13, 2008


friend.. I had my first photograph approved today... I hope it is a long way to go...

August 10, 2008


Thanks helott for congratulations

August 09, 2008


Thanks all for congratulations :)

August 07, 2008


to Antonio1
I loaded approximately on 100 works in a month since January 2008. And I exclusively work with Dreamstime.
And as a result I have earned $1000 for 7 months

August 07, 2008


The Yahoo beside I have taken my work! Through what time I shall be able to earn 1000 dollars?And скоько work it is necessary to load?

August 07, 2008


Congratulations Oleh!!! Keep up the great work.

August 07, 2008


Congratulations Oleh, that's a great achievement

August 07, 2008


Thanks for congratulations!
All my works are made in the Adobe Illustrator.

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