First Editorial Sale

Today I've noted a milestone …

I've [after many submissions] made a sale to an editorial level image.

I was about to give up on the whole idea of submitting that level of image, even though it is far more likely to get an image accepted into that category.

Perhaps more sales, in fast succession will follow … that will help me to contiue with all the slog of booking the tickets, taking a gazillion images, and then shortlisting the ones that I think are worth submitting.

The image that sold:

Perhaps it was luck, perhaps it is an image that there was a definite shortfall of here at DT, or perhaps the editorial buyers are still not aware of this level of image category here at DT … I guess I'll never know.

But aren't images used for editorial use supposed to have reference to the image bank & the photographer? Does anyone know how I can find out where / what the image was purchased for? Would be nice to know …

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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More sales are always the aim …

I see that since the last posting I have in fact had another of the editorial images purchased, Yeah!! Keep the sales coming … I need to break my next milestone before the 22nd Feb 2009. The aim — to get 400[or more] images accepted before my 1st anniversary of being a member of this fantastic community.


Regardless of why your image sold it is indeed a great image. Congratulations on your sale, and I hope you have many more.

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