First foray into stock.


I've only been a member for a few weeks, and only have 16 images online at the moment.

I'ts kind of an experiment really to find out what sells and to improve my photography and 3d work. The community seems really helpful, and i've picked up a lot of useful information so far!

I don't have any sales yet, and not even many views, but as Kevin Costner once said, 'if you upload them, they will come!', or something like that :)

Any advice and suggestions to improve my chances would be greatly appreciated!



Photo credits: Nat Saiger.

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July 02, 2010


The spider shot is good. Keep uploading. Some nice photos you have there : )

July 02, 2010


hi and welcome to DT, good luck and congratulations :)

July 01, 2010


Nice photos! Sales will come, just be patient.

July 01, 2010


thanks guys, very encouraging :)

July 01, 2010


Well done shots! Yes keep uploading & good luck ;)

July 01, 2010


Many of us have started just as you just said.... Upload the more you can, and be patient.

July 01, 2010


Wonderful portfolio so far! That seagull flying is wonderful! Be patient and you`ll see it`s worth it!
Welcome and good luck!

July 01, 2010


Great photos! Just upload more images with such a good quality and sales will come... Good luck!

July 01, 2010


Your images are good and will sell but allow about three months before sales begin to rise. If you keep uploading sales will grow exponentially in due course. David.

July 01, 2010


Hi Nat, welcome to DT. With the images in your portfolio currently, it won't be too long before the sales start rolling in. You'll get better advice from the seasoned pros at DT, but keyword thoughtfully, put yourself in the buyer's shoes, and have a look see at other photographers/illustrators portfolio to get an idea of what's in demand. Keep shooting, keep uploading, and above all have fun - Good Luck!

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