First Four Photos Online

Well, I have four photos online..I'm hardly about to take over the world but it is a small start to what I hope will be a fun experience. I really love to read all the blogs and I know if nothing else I will learn a lot from all of you.

Now that I have a few uploaded I will check my keywords and see if I am getting that right. I think I read that it can take around 3 days for your new submissions to show up in the keyword search.

I think probably this site will be good for my patience...or lack of...each day I have been checking the number of hours it might take for my submissions to be reviewed......patience is indeed a virtue.

Well, I look forward to blogging and getting to know you all.

Happy Snapping.

Photo credits: Atomknish.



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Congratulations!!!!! I remember when I got my first 5 photos online a few months ago! It was VERY exciting!!!!!


Creativei! You really have made my day. Thank you! I had certainly had some rejections to begin with but we are moving in the right direction now. Thanks to everyone who has posted. x


Welcome to the best ms website, This site really rocks, so you have your first four images online, first blog, and even may be first rejections, how about a first sale???? Good luck and enjoy your time in DT, its fun to be here.


Hi Katherine,
Congrats for your first 4 images! Have fun here!


A great start, congratulations and as some have said "every journey begins with a single step". Wishing you many successes!


Welcome to DT and good luck with the uploads and sales...


Congrats Katherine!

You know what they say - great journeys start with a few small steps ( or something like that)

Best of luck to you at DT


Hello and congrats! It is not easy to get first photos online, and later it becomes more smooth. You will learn from rejections and also, they will guide your future photos. I got a real kick in the weak parts to work harder on my shooting :)
See more of you here - good luck!

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