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First the goat, now the car

Based on our discussion about using our credits that we've been earning by blogging, I've purchased this photo from Maigi.

© Maigi
I love this shot. Here's a few things that stand out for me:

1. Obviously this photo is significantly cropped - but it was done in a way that really works. The crop is tight on the left side with the car and the highway draws your attention off to the right - toward infinity. Great job with the cropping. I think without the cropping it would have been an interesting shot, but with the cropping I think it is a great shot. I like the panoramic feel.

2. The whole photo has a great "high-speed" look to it. It just oozes "speed" which is perfect for the image. I feel like I need to fasten my seat belt just looking at it.

3. The colors are really vivid. It has a nice blue sky, with some good white clouds. We've also got green grass and perhaps some yellow wildflowers in the distance.

All it needs now is for a car advertiser to download it and give it a nice commercial caption like: "Lexus: Live the Road" or something like that.

Any other suggested captions?

Photo credits: Maigi.

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December 15, 2007


LOL.. That was really funny... In my case I just lost my Acura Integra Car Bra in that site... LOL...

August 23, 2007


What about "Mmmmmm, is it the left side I should be driving on or the right?"

August 22, 2007


Well, real nice photo Maigi... hope you get a bunch of sales!

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