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First hand-drawn illustrations

Hi all,

Few months ago I bought an Intuos 4 M tablet. But as I haven't have much leisure time (everyday work + need to make jpg's from RAW's which queue was very, very long), it sat all the time in a drawer. Last week I finally decided to take it out thinking, if I already bought it, then I must use it too. So, I connected the device, took the pen, watching out of window and thinking "Now what?" First I took a photo I captured in the summer, a closeup of a grasshopper. To get a feeling of a pen, I just traced the contours of the insect. Came out like a child drawing :) suitable for children color book (unfortunately I cannot show it as DT didn't find it good enough. It could be true because if you do something first time, it's pretty sure you find it good, due to emotions).

Next I tried to do something by myself from the beginning. I don't know where I got the idea but I draw an rat or a mouse standing on a piece of cheese. Doesn't look like pro's work, but good enough for first strivings.

At some point I'd like to try out "real" illustrations with clear lines, but again.. time, time, time. First time trying takes always lot of time and that's what is shortage.

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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October 24, 2011


Great drawing for a first! Good luck with the next ones!

October 24, 2011


nice job !! The rat seems to be in scary Halloween mood !!

October 24, 2011


Not bad for a start :-)

October 24, 2011


Congrats! It looks great. I hope you can find the time and make some more. Good luck!

October 23, 2011


Great illustrations, good luck.

October 23, 2011


Nice picture, I uploaded simillar hand drawn picture before few weeks.. :) (I have also colored version but I didn!t upload it:))

October 23, 2011


Excellent designs to start with, congratulations on the chart, I for now I just have a little Genius, my next purchase will certainly be a nice Intuos 3 or 4!

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