First illustrations online

Today I a very happy to tell that my first illustrations have been accepted.

Photography and wintertime didn't come that well together as I would have liked. At first I started to put myself under pressure. I had to create something. That did work, but in the opposite way.

More pictures, but less to upload.

So I decided to to take the pressure off and make joy priority number one again when I take my camera out of his bag.

Still I wanted to do something to relax and take my mind of my daily life.

Digital painting it became. This is a totally new thing to me, but I already love it.

It gives my mind the peace it needs and it is possible to create what ever you want.

I am happy to say I have recovered my joy in making images.

By hand or by camera.

If anyone would like to take the time to look at my portfolio and give some feedback it would be very welcome. Maybe even put one of my images into one of your collections? Feel free to do that.

Thank you for reading

Photo credits: Marleenwolters.

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April 22, 2013


Great illustration, congratulations!

April 18, 2013


Thank you for your nice reactions.
Currently I am working with artrage studio pro. The program came with the tablet. I like the simple way it works en It has enough options for a starter like me. I use photoshop elements (also came with the tablet) to add some effects.

April 18, 2013


Excellent! What kind of program/tools are you using for digital painting? I have always been curious about it!

April 18, 2013


Well done, nice image!

April 17, 2013


Great image, good luck.

April 17, 2013


Nice purple , warm colors ... Go ahead :)

April 17, 2013


Well done and congrats. that is great work. I have admiration for someone who can draw/paint. I can't even draw a tree :-)

April 17, 2013



April 17, 2013


Congratulations! Sometimes even I act in this way, especially when find some old photos, nice but not usable as stock photo.

April 16, 2013


wow - nice work - taking off the pressure is easy said, know what you mean :) I really like your work - especially how you work with colours - congratulations to your pf!

April 16, 2013


Great illustration ! Good luck!

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