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After 6 months online my first image have reached the 2nd level with 5 downloads.

It's a picture of blue piece of polished agate stone. As it's an example of pretty crystalized mineral it can be used as a decorative illustration, as a background or texture, as well as an element of combined graphic related with health, magic, jewellery, luxury or wealth.

Agate is attributable to the zodiac sign of Pisces.

© Zeffss
It brings victory over enemies, happiness and health
© Maszas
for all those who is wearing agate jewellery. You can feel the good energy of fossilised agate stone which can soothes the mind and prevents fever.

Read more about that widely-used semi-precious stone at wikipedia:

Photo credits: Michal Heciak, Marzanna Syncerz, Andrey Zyk.

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October 12, 2008


Hello all! Thanks for the good words.
Precious and semi-precious stones are amazing and agates especially. It's a real magic in that variety of quartz.

October 09, 2008


Congrats! I love this stone and its color, maybe because I'm a Pisces!!! ;-))

October 08, 2008



October 07, 2008


Congratulations, nice image! I just love those stones, I actually collect them.

October 07, 2008



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