First image approved for assignment! :)

It is a great pleasure for me that for the first time, one of my images has been selected in assignment!

This is a photograph of white whiskered terns flying, with black common coots swimming in the background. The photograph was captured at Randarda Lake in Rajkot, India...

Personally, I love to capture birds and animals. I also love to observe them with humanized emotions. (I will gather my such images in one more blog article).

In the above photograph, there are two poles of colors - white and black. And they are together, in a crowd, in a haphazard manner, yet living their own lives naturally. This was the most catching observation that made me took this photograph.

Most of the birds are blurry. This is often so when we are actually looking at a crowd - we see all the people but rarely notice all of them.

There is one prominent bird, to the right of the middle, that draws the attention, most probably because this bird has expressed itself to the fullest - with completely spread open wings!

If you like my image, please feel free to give stars! :)

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Photo credits: Parin Parmar.