First iphone picture online - Dreamstime

I was happy to see that my first iphone photo had been accepted and now online, I didn't think it would go through!

I made this photography in northern Spain, at the Picos de Europa national park standing behind a waterfall which was pouring down to the Cares river. I was there for wildlife photography and had not brought my wide angle lens so I used my iphone but without even thinking of later uploading it to Dreamstime!

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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May 06, 2013


That's amazing, congrats!

May 02, 2013


Congratulations. Great work!
Hope it sells. Now you have another medium to work with.

May 02, 2013


Good work!Conrats!You keep us informed about sales of this picture!;)

May 01, 2013


This is a good opportunity for those who do not have sophisticated machinery. Thanks for the information

April 30, 2013


Excellent. And a great point of motivation for the rest of us to get our butts in gear and get snapping with our phones.

April 30, 2013


Congrats! Way to be resourceful and capture a cool image with the equipment that you had on hand!!!

April 30, 2013


just some weeks (months ?) they announced it..

April 30, 2013


I never thought phone images could be accepted in DT. Good thing to know.

April 30, 2013



April 30, 2013


Congratulations. For every image there is always a buyer :-)

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