First Level Two Image Plus Weather Troubles.

A bit of the good and bad here the good being that I finally have my first level two image and it's a macro image of my provinces [Newfoundland In Canada] provincial flower called " The Picture Plant " kind of fitting enough. I have another image sitting on the bubble at 4 downloads so it may not be long before I have another level two. Now the bad, motivation has become a bit of a problem for me lately because I've been sitting at 80 uploads for sometime but it's not because I don't want to go one one of my walkabouts and take pictures it's because of time constraints and weather issues here in Newfoundland Canada. I work night shifts five nights a week totaling 68 hours per week total and when I get off on that last day I sleep most of that so in reality I only get one full complete day off and that is a Saturday. Now this is where the weather comes in for the last seven Saturdays in a row the weather on my day off has either been rainy foggy snowy [4 inches of snow with rain on Saturday May 1st] or cloudy. Now with all of these problems with weather also throw in the wind factor which is ever present in Newfoundland, and I mean the type of wind that you have to anchor your tripod down. Land and Seascapes are my specialty so you can see my problems here. Lately I've even been allowed to take my photography equipment to work and be allowed to work and play at the same time but even with this, it's not the same. Last Saturday on May 1st I was so bummed out that I even took the D90 out in the snow and rain which I normally never do. So I guess my question is this. What do you my fellow photographer friends do when weather or other problems get in the way of your photography ? I had hoped to hit 100 uploads before my first anniversary of my first upload since joining DT which would be on May 15 which is 10 days from now and I'm stuck at 80 so it doesn't look good. Any idea on motivational tips would be helpful !!! I've enclosed a picture of my first level two image. Enjoy and thanks for the help ahead of time. Oh ! One more thing because I'm allowed to take my camera to work with me it allows me to practice on night photography which I must say is a very challenging and demanding field of photography but after much trial and error I'm beginning to show some improvement and I hope to have my first night images on DT soon.

Photo credits: Harold W Bradley.

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May 05, 2010


Congrats! Post that 4 download image here might help you to get another download:)

May 05, 2010



May 05, 2010


Congratulations.... Good luck with your images.

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