First of Many

Autumn at Everland South Korea

Travelling for the first time makes me excited, hopeful, a little nervous maybe, but I'm ready to be fearless.After a year of planning and preparing together with my friends, October 14, 2018 I finally set foot to that dream destination, South Korea. 6 days of stay changed me. Travelling really is worth it! I must say.It gives you freedom within, it gives you a feeling of fulfillment. Experiencing what the locals do, speaking their language, breathing a different air, breeze that embraces you fully. That feeling of happiness overflowing you that you wanted to share it to everyone. The nature so colorful and vibrant,the streets, the food, everything so new and wonderful that if you could only stay longer, you would. You're at a place under the same sky as your hometown but you're in a totally different place and having the idea that your feet actually standing on that ground you only saw on pictures makes you're heart flutter.The feeling of falling in love with place the moment you saw the flickering lights from your window seat on the plane, your heart beat increases, your excitement heightens, no more fears cause your screaming with happiness inside you.You became proud of yourself, for seeing other part of the world.. making it small for you little by little. Experiencing what the world has to offer. "Happiness is all around me", you'll realized. You'll know how amazing it is to live, that the step you take is really worth it, not only because you find a place but you also find a part of yourself. And that will be the first of many.

Photo credits: Manalojessica1.

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December 04, 2018


thanks William!

December 03, 2018


Your happiness and excitement really comes through in your writing! William

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