First Milestone - 50 photos online

Finally I achieved my first milestone - 50 photos online. I was stucked at 46 before being inactive 4 years back. I had to upload 9 photos to get final 4 photos.

My 50th photo:


The best part of this milestone is, Dreamstime has improved my image quality drastically. I'm still not getting myself upto the mark but hopeful to be more accurate, creative and better photographer.

Photo credits: Neerajarora.
  • Neerajarora

I would appreciate if you let me know how my photos are going to be used

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September 12, 2011



September 12, 2011

Well done. Know exactly where you are at as I currently have 48 online with 4 more submitted but still in the queue.

Next for you will be to consider if going exclusive is for you. There are plenty of blogs/threads about this decision on the site.


September 11, 2011

Well done!!


September 10, 2011

I did almost the same thing ... a long break between the creation of the account and the first upload ... Welcome back et all the best to you !


September 10, 2011

welcome back!


September 10, 2011

Good for you! I signed up in 2009, but then my husband's health went bad and I never uploaded any images. I was busy being a freelance stock photographer. With the recession, I have been trying to find new markets for our work and stumbled on DT and my old account 3 weeks ago. Now we have 23 pictures online and 1 sale. Also 110 rejects, mostly because there are already too many images of the same subject.


September 10, 2011



September 10, 2011



September 09, 2011

congrats on that.... I have a long way to go :-)


September 09, 2011

Congratulations!! Keep uploading!