First milestone completed: 50 photos online till the end of 2012!

Rickshaw driver is my 50th accepted image.


I never considered myself as excellent photographer, but my education made me feel that I know how to do the stuff. But what happened – I found myself learning from beginnings and completely agreeing with many beginners, writing:"I was surprised, how different stock photography is. I had to learn so many things about photographic technique, quality etc."

And I must say, that from all the blogs in friendly Dreamstime community for me the most helpful were posts like "My first 100 photos online!", "My first salary", "3 years with Dreamstime". They help me keep uploading, even if my ratio sometimes drops as low as 30. They help me to realise, that beginnings are slow in microstock. They make me understand that there is still lot to learn.

So my biggest thanks belong to everyone, who is posting hers/his personal stories here and I decided to join, and will be very happy, if my posts will help anyone, too.

And now it

-upload minimum 10 (good) photos a week

-100 photos online till 1st of April

-enter assignments

Photo credits: Gunaleite.

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February 02, 2013



February 02, 2013


Congratulations and good luck with your future goals!!!

February 02, 2013


Good result, congratulations!

February 01, 2013



February 01, 2013


Congratulations, great job. Keep them loading.

February 01, 2013



February 01, 2013


Thank you for all the good things, you wrote here! And good February for everyone!

February 01, 2013


I like your pictures!Beautiful portofolio!Congrats!Keep uploading photos and be patient! I hope that you get as many sales!

February 01, 2013


Congratulations! I am close... 40 online. Have been really busy lately so haven't uploaded anything for awhile.

February 01, 2013


Congratulations for your achieved milestone and your nice initial portfolio. Upload new images and you sulrely will have more sales!

February 01, 2013


Welcome, still working and uploading photos. More pictures will give you more sales opportunities! :-)

February 01, 2013


Well done, great to get the first 50 online. Great portfolio. Hope you have a good February.

February 01, 2013


lovely portfolio - lovely statement - is good to encourage each other - and goals are good as long as I believe I can achieve them and you for sure can ;)

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