First Milestone reached

I joined Dreamstime in February, and I really enjoy beeing here.

Today my 100th image was approved.

This was my 100th image. My little Pogona henrylawsoni.

Now, lets go toward the next milestones:

- The first assignment image.

- The first 100 sales

- The first Level 2 Image (I think this lightning with 5 Downloads is a good candidate)

Photo credits: Brightdawn.

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April 26, 2008


congrats!I really understand you...good luck

April 25, 2008


So diligent you are.
Is your acceptance rate high?

April 25, 2008


Congrats, you have a nice portfolio. the lightning shot is amazing!

April 24, 2008


Wonderful pics!Best regards for your other milestones come true soon.

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