First model released image approved!

Hello, Everyone,

This is the first article on my blog and I'm very glad to say I've just got my first model released image approved here on Dreamstime!

Can't wait to see how popular and profitable it will be.

I've always liked shooting people at family events or portraits of some guys and girls. Never before had a release signed by the models though. Probably wasn't sure I was good enough to create technically sound images for stock. Well, now I know to make sure I have some blank releases with me everywhere I go!

It's been two years since I started uploading images here but just now becoming more active. It's exciting to see how images get viewed and then downloaded. I love it. Everyday I like it more here on Dreamstime. Even starting to consider going full exclusive.

Anyway, here is the picture. Just wanted to share my joy :)

© Marsaz

Photo credits: Marsaz.

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Hey, try taking pictures of someone you know first. Make a photo shoot with some friends. They should sign it without a problem just make sure they know you expect them to at first :)


Good luck on the image. However for me i don't get the model releases signed. Most of the people i hit up (strangers) are quite reluctant to indicate their addresses on the model release forms :(


That's great. Good luck with that image!


I did contact support and they removed Content Filtered flag from the picture! This is great :)


I would definitely contact support. I don't see any keywords that would trigger a Content filtered. I have Content filtered on some of my Rodeo bull riding images. I think the Editors might see that as animal cruelty. I don't see any R rated issues with your image. By the way, it's a super image. Let me know how you make out on that.


Great photo and concept!


I did not notice that. Thanks Solidsdman. I guess I should contact support because I can't see why image should be content filtered. The guy is barely visible...


I notice the Editors set the "Content filter" to YES for your image. I'm not sure why they did that. I think that will restrict the number of views that your image will get. I know it does to my images that are "Content filtered."


Nice image! congrats for your first model!!! bye, Francesca :-)


It is a great image, Congratulations.


Thank you everyone, very nice to hear you like it!


Great photo!!! Good luck with sales.


Congrats and nice pic!


Love it! Wish you all the best!


Congratulations, good work!


Thank you, can't wait to see how it performs! :)


love this picture, I hope it sells a ton of licenses! Congrats :)


Congratulations !

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