First official US president portrait

The first official portrait of an US president taken with a digital camera was released.

Pete Souza is the author (link above, not image on the left, by our Misty Pfeil), newly appointed as the official White House photographer.

You might ask yourself why it took so long to use a digital? It's not, consider this is the first portrait. Four years ago digital cameras where not that advanced. Where will the technology be 4 years from now? Anyone wants to bet that almost all publications will be digital?

Photo credits: Misty Pfeil.

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The majority of publications will be digital. We still need something to line the bird cages:-) But seriously, most news publications simply can't respond fast enough to our quickly changing world. Newspapers are "put to bed" by midnight, leaving a lot of hours open for events to happen before people read the morning "news." Magazines are now guessing when they put together content, especially the news and financial publications. They're predicting what will be true and relevant on the publication date. They often miss.

Huffington opened the doors in a monstrous way for blogging to become a legitimate stream of global information, changing the face of periodical publishing. Today we buy stock photography. Tomorrow we will be buying stock content (writing) to build blogs on the scale of Huffington. Once that happens, the instant information available on the web will begin to change into more considered knowledge, and hopefully, into wisdom.

What an exciting time to be alive. The book and newspaper as object will never disappear, but they will significantly change. Those, too, will be exciting changes to witness.


Breakfast without a newspaper or a book in my hands - it is not possible! If we would bet I would win ;-).


I will bet against it.
See you in 4 years at a cup of digital coffee to reflect about that :D


Really? First digital? I thought everything was already digital when I first entered into field of photography 3 years ago. It comes out I was among pioneers... amazing...


I agree Serban, everything will be digital.

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