First one... & additional format! posting here at Dreamstime.

Valentines is knocking on the door, so I think it is a good chance to share some pictures with you.

Or maybe some gift boxes might come handy:

Please, those who know the reason, why it takes so long to REVIEW the additioanl format after the JPG was accepted.

We got already a long review period for the image files, why it can be done at the same time?

I hope that someone knows the answer and it`s able to share with me or with us. Thank you!


Photo credits: Tamas Vargyasi.

Your article must be written in English

January 16, 2010


Nice images. Most buyers want only JPG. So I think it makes sense to focus most efforts and give the priority to JPG reviews. It takes long for additional format review but most if not all of time it gets accepted, at least based on my experience. So don't worry and keep uploading,

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