First Photo approved. YEAH

Got an email from DT today with my first photo apporoved. Gave me a little thrill, but, not allowing myself to get too carried away. After all, it was just a photo of some rocks.

I actually had to go to Scotland from Australia to take that photo.

And it was around 40 years ago that I was at the same place, (Findhorn Bay), where I first saw the stony beach around a bay that empties at low tide.

Naturally, the buyer, if there ever is one, doesnt know that, nor the memories and emotions that go with it.

My Dad was stationed near Findhorn, just after WW2, which is one of the reasons I wanted to go there in the first place.

My pet spaniel, Toby, loved running out on the bay at low tide, chasing all of the mud crabs. Happy days.

Pity I cant tell the history of this simple photo to a potential buyer. Would it make any difference if they knew? I doubt it, but if it does get sold, then a little of my life will have been shared around the world again.

I wonder how many other little stories are attached to my photo library.

Thinking there might be a few.

Anyway, first hurdle crossed, waiting for the results of the batch I uploaded.


PS, what a REALLY awkward way to attach a photo to a blog......... 101754161


Photo credits: Richard Hallford.

Your article must be written in English



I see you have many more images online. Keep them loading is the best way to get sales.


I've found that attaching the geographic location and a bit more description to an image has helped my sales. I think additional text sometimes sparks ideas for a buyer. It might explain the weird search words associated with a download. :)


Good for you. Patterns are popular so you may have some luck with this.

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