First photo sold?

Today is a happy day. It appears I have sold my first stock photo ever. At least my balance contains a bit over 4 dollars I can not explain any other way, but until the right database updates I can not know which photo. Still, great news less than a month after I first joined :)

Photo credits: Johan Hansén.


joy new sale

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June 07, 2014


congratulations to you! that first sale is very nice, especially a $4 one!

June 07, 2014


Thanks :)

It's a great feeling that somebody appreciates my work enough to spend money on it, I was almost walking on clouds all day. For some reason it felt more satisfying than paid assignments... maybe because of the randomness of it all.

Looking forward even to the 38 cent sales :D

June 06, 2014


Congrats Johan!
It's a really nice feeling isn't it? :)
Get prepared for more sales and for some 38 or 42 cents per sale (subscription). 4$ is a nice sale!

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