First rung of the ladder.

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

I'm going to be using this blog to chart my progress down the Dreamstime road and keep a record of my successes, my failures, and hopefully the lessons i'll have learnt from those failures.

I'm relatively new to this so whilst the content might cover topics you are familiar with and have been through yourself, it will at the very least be an honest and truthful account of how it feels from the bottom of the ladder looking up.

I'm currently just watching views rise slowly. My portfolio started showing up online less than a week ago so it's nice to see some traffic finding it's way to my portfolio. Long may it continue.

Let the fun begin!!

Photo credits: Mark Andrew.

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Hi Sue, thanks so much for the compliment! I've enjoyed looking through your work, some beauties in there!

Tachyglossus, Almaterra and Virgilxxn, thanks and all the best for 2011! :D


Hi Mark,

Recognise your original style from another place where I also hang out ;) it rather stands out for all the right reasons :) sure it will not be long before things take off for you here also.

Keep on pushing that envelope!
Best regards,
Sue from a Snow bound (like the rest of the Country) Northumberland


Good luck and a Happy New Year!


Good luck!
Your portfolio is so interesting that I think you can be my favorite artist)))


Best of luck and loads of sales! Happy holidays


Thanks everyone!

It's good to see that these blogs get read and that there is in fact a 'community'. I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with you guys and seeing the work you produce.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, have a fantastic one! For those of you who celebrate a different occasion, all the best to you and yours.

Take care, and all the best!!!


Keep up the good work. Keep uploading images and the sales will come.


Very quirky and unique portfolio Mark! All the best on DT and lots of sales.


Welcome and good luck!


Welcome... Let's see how you do here... Enjoy it don't forget it...


Welcome tu DT, wish you many sales!


Good luck!


Mani - I think i've already learnt my first lesson specific to what Dreamstime want in the collection, so that should allow for some more focussed shoots in the future. I'm also very interested in getting involved in the assignments.

Paul - Hiya!


Hi Mark, Welcome to dreamstime. you already know me, and anything I wish to say I will do in person, apart from this... It's about time you got on here!! ha ha. and you already know I love your work.


I have forgot to tell you Mark that some of the best methods to learn here on DT are: checking portfolios, playing the game, learning from your rejections & of course reading some useful blogs & message boards!
Concept & quality are the success factor more than making numbers! Cheers :)


Thanks for the welcome everyone, i look forward to having a look through all of your portfolios.

Thanks :D


Welcome to DT. Best of luck.


Welcome and good luck Mark,you have a nice portfolio :)


all the best Mark, wishing you success on DT


Photo ID - 17141079. If you get the model to put on a santa hat might sell as a photo for xmas theme usage? :)


Good Luck Mark, See you on the ladder !


Hi Mani, thanks so much! Really appreciate it!!


Welcome to DT, first I would like to tell you that your few images are pretty cool with a nice sense of humor! :)
To start with your statistics I have added two images of yours to my Funny Concept Collection...
hmm how about the first sale?! Sounds good! Good luck with the second one & keep uploading :)

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