First sale has motivated me

I signed up to Dreamstime a while ago, well, maybe a year ago or so, I uploaded some photos of which, about 10 were accepted.

I guess after a little while I didn't give much thought to Stock, but one day about a week and a half ago, I came an checked out my account.

I was surprised and quite happy to see that I actually had a earnings balance!

Though not a huge amount of money, I was happy to see that one of my photos sold! This has motivated me to put in the effort to upload and keep working on submitting new photographs.

Gangnam Streets, Seoul, South Korea

This is my image that sold once! Gangnam streets in Seoul, South Korea.

I hope that with a lot of hard work I can make something out of my profile here on Dreamstime!

Photo credits: Donmacdonell.
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  • donmacdonell

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August 02, 2016

Thanks Dahlskoge I hope so!


July 31, 2016

What a great image! Looks promising, simply keep up the good work and more sales will come!


July 31, 2016

Thanks all for your added encouragement!


July 31, 2016

Congratulations and more sales will happen!


July 27, 2016

Thanks all for the encouragement.


July 25, 2016

Keep working, i am sure more sales for you.


July 25, 2016

Great work. Congratulations.


July 25, 2016

Congrats .It feels same when i have got my first sale.


July 22, 2016

Congratulations on your first sale. Wait for some time many more will follow.


July 21, 2016

congrats! the first sale is a good motivator. here's to many more


July 21, 2016

@kaling2100 You are correct! I can't believe I made the mistake. A good old cold mug of ale is motivational too though.

Thanks @bhabotoshchakraborty


July 21, 2016



July 21, 2016

i think the theme was actually "First". Nice article. Same with me. ha...ha..