First sales!

A few days ago i was glad to see that two of my photos were sold for the first time on DT. They were both made with a mobile device. So i guess this is a good prove that mobile photos can sell as well here on DT.


Sun of stone

The strange thing is that my first batch of uploads were photos that were made with a Kodak device and many of them were rejected. So i started to shoot photos with my mobile device and since then most of them are approved!

The only bad thing is that i can not take sharp photos with my mobile device if i zoom in to much, so i sometimes must come really close to the objects i want to shoot.

Photo credits: Joeri Jacobs.

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September 22, 2014


Great :-).

September 08, 2014


Congrats! Glad to see more uploads from a mobile device.

September 08, 2014


Hello! Congratulations :-) Keep up the good work o;)

September 07, 2014



September 06, 2014


Hope you will be more successful!

September 06, 2014


Congratulations! Which mobile do you use?

September 06, 2014


Congratulations !!!

September 06, 2014


Very nice and special pictures, congrats! I have also begun to shoot only with my mobil device, a Nokia Lumia 1020 and I have some pics approved which I made with a Iphone 4S. For me, shooting with a smartphone has some advantages: one is that you always carry it with you and that way you don't miss opportunities which sometimes can not be brought back. On the other hand, the fact that the cameras of most smart phones are limited in their technical capacities presents a real challenge to the photographer so that he has to work hard, concentrate and overcome the limitations of it's device which in my opinion can make you a better photographer.

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