First sales on Dreamstime.

Hello everybody,

I'm contributor on Dreamstime since October 2009 and stock photographer since October 2009 also. I started stock as for one of my university assignment, I had to upload photos on a stock photography website and have my photos approved. This was really hard at start as I had only a small bridge camera (the Nikon P90 ). This was really challenging as practically 90% of my photos were refused due to aberrations which is normal with a bridge.

Am glad to say that even the poor possibilities of my camera, I succeed to have 5 photos online in which one was sold.

Finally as I was getting addicted to photography, I decided to purchase a Single Lens Reflex. I opted for a second hand Canon 20D as my budget did not permit me to purchase one of the latest and new SLR. I had also a photo sold with this new camera.

Now am experiencing with the possibility of SLR's, I must say that it's really amazing, theirs no limits. Actually my portfolio on Dreamstime is composed of 42 photos, and am planning to become an Exclusive photographer, 8 more photos to go :)

I wish to thank the persons who downloaded my photos and hope that it will help them in their project and if possible could they just sent me a sample of the work in which the photos were used.

Last, I like to thank the dreamstime team for giving me the possibility of developing my skill in photography. I must say as that each time i have photos that are refused, this is really frustrating but those refusal help's me to develop my photographic skills.

To conclude, I hope to continue in stock photography not only for the potential income but first of all for the challenge that it is for me.

Photo credits: Hannelas Nicolas.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks a lot to all of you.


Congratulations, always nice to get the first sales.


Congratulations, and many more! :)


congratulations and good luck on the next ones!




Stock industry is a true challenge. I wish you good luck!

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