First Sales EVER!!!!!!

I am very excited about having my first sales ever!!!!

Yesterday, my scarecrow picture was downloaded (Thank you, Creativei!!!).

Then today, this picture was downloaded:

I'm so excited!! I have had pictures online since September 2008, and now I am finally starting to see some sales!!!

I did have one question, however - I wasn't able to see who downloaded the second picture (and no one sent me a comment yet). Is there a way I can view that? Or not?

Photo credits: Eclecticelegance.

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Congratulations!Very appreciating for your comment!


Congratulations! Keep going, the more you add the more sales you get!!!
And thanks for your comment!


Thank you very much all for your comments and for celebrating with me!!!!


LittleDesire - I would love to see an isolated photo sell also - you know how hard I have been working on improving those! :)


Congratulations and good luck with many more sales!


Way to go! Congrats!


Congratulations!!! It is rare that a buyer will leave a note or that you can find who downloaded your image. Just enjoy the moment and I wish you many more.


Thanks Eclecticelgance, for including my id in your blog. and also fultonsphoto, im just spending my dollars earned through blogs to support my fellow contributors.


Congratulations !


Forgot to say: I would love to see your first sold photo of isolated object :)


Congratulations and may there be many more. Great to have someone line Creativei around for us newbies, he bought one of my images too (x2) and gave me a much needed boost, hopefully your sales will pick up and there will be loads more.


Congrats to your first of many to come!


Congratulations! Well done and keep going. I hope to be able to post a similar message soon ;)


yahooooooooooo!!! congratulations! keep on posting my friend! wonderful images!:)


Heeyyy, congratulations!!! Many more to come!
Unfortunately you can't see who bought your photo if he/she doesn't leave you any comment! Good to have a comment from Creativei!

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