First snow

Today is November 1, 2009. Today it snowed.

First snow is so beautiful every time!

Autumn leaves on the ground and small flakes of snow in the air.

I just wanted to share with you these wonderful moments, and to transmit my feelings to you.

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday and a Happy November!

Photo credits: Dragos Daniel Iliescu.

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November 24, 2009


Hi Dragos
If I remember correctly,November 1 Beijing was under snow:)

November 04, 2009


arghhh, don't say that ! snow! arghhh! winter!!! arghhh!
just the thought of it makes my whole body shrivel like a snowflake in the sun.
snowflake ???? did i say snowflake? arghhh!!!

November 02, 2009


how nice!!! I've never touched snow!! seen it on mountains .. but never touched it! :(

November 01, 2009


I love snow, the fisrt snow is always almost magic :-) We havenĀ“t snow here yet, where I live, but I definitely look forward to it. I wish you to have fun with snow and to make some nice images! :-)

November 01, 2009


Thanks !! I wish you a Nice sunday too!
pd: I like the shoot

November 01, 2009


Oooh I like snow, we only get it around the mountainous areas here. Not anywhere that I live :0( We're coming up to summer here. We have christmas in the summer :0)

November 01, 2009


Must be great! Wonderful shot for your daughter. Cheers ;)

November 01, 2009


Well you can see my daughter with a leaf, Maen. Photos with this wonderful flakes I dind't make because this flakes were very, very small. You can imagine many, many yellow leaves on the ground and small flakes in the air.

November 01, 2009


Cool! if you could share some pictures would be nice... Have a nice day :)

November 01, 2009


Ok, people! I wish you a chill down!

But you must know that our summer (Romania, Europe) was very hot!

November 01, 2009


Sarah it sounds like you live near me! Very hot for October and November. I wish for you Dragos, to wish the chill down to Florida!

November 01, 2009


Happy November to you as well. The city I live in was the hottest in the entire continental US Last week. A whopping 95 degrees in late October... yuck. I wish it would snow.

Hope the rest of your holiday is a beautiful one.


November 01, 2009


thanks,have a great Sunday and November you too!

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