The First Steps Were a Success

My first few months on here have been a success. I am still not doing this at the speed I would like. Sadly this is just a hobby for me right now. I currently work two full time jobs and photography has been a way to relax. I have several photos pending that I hope are approved! They are the first time I played with photo editing software for stock images.

I realize that I need to go at my own speed. I can't rush into this stock image thing. I see all these beautiful big portfolios and look at mine. I have stopped comparing. That is the first step. I enjoy what I do and this extra income from my photos is a nice little bonus.

I do hate walking down the street and going "damn I wish I had my camera, that would be a great picture." It seems to be happening more and more lately. I will see my dog jump off a boulder and wish I had captured that image for my memories. Or last night I watched the Space Station fly by and the way it came between the trees was beautiful. I did consider running back inside and grabbing my equipment, but then I would have missed it. Oh well...



Stars in the night sky

Photo credits: Lana Brooks.

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August 21, 2015


Awesome photo!
I like it!

August 21, 2015


good first start! yes yes.. stop comparing your work to others.. take inspiration but remember to shoot what makes you happy. And also remember the beast camera to have is the one that is with you!!!!

August 20, 2015


You have had a wonderful start to your Stock Photography, well done. It is exciting to have images accepted in the first place, even more exciting having sales. Enjoy your success.

August 20, 2015


Just 12 uploads and 10 quick sales. Well done. No hurry just take your time. You have a bright future. God bless

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