First Time

This is the first time for me to creat the account and try to sell my photo in dreamstime. I am really supprise that taking photo not only fulfill my interest, but also can earn some money. I still remember when i first time upload my batch of photos, only got 2 pics approved online and rest of them are totally reject. I learn from a lesson that even if you find that one photo you taken is really good, but other people may not 100% agree with you. Keep in mind and improve the skills continuously. Never give up ~~!!

Photo credits: Alvinku.

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Welcome! I'm still trying to learn how to sell.....


Welcome to Dreamstime!!!!!!!!


Welcome to DT! You have nice photos! I like that baby leg photo! Don't give up and have fun!


Welcome to Dreamstime! :)


I agree, never give up, welcome to DT and have fun.

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