First Time As A Stock Photographer

I had been contemplating for a couple of years now whether to jump into the bandwagon of stock photography. Just 3 days ago, without thinking twice, I signed up with Dreamstime.

I have 5 photos in my portfolio and still waiting for the other twelve to get approved. I want to concentrate more on still life and nature photography since I don't have enough funds to pay pro models to work for me.

I would appreciate your comments, positive or negative, regarding my photos.

Photo credits: Vittorio Velasquez.

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Thanks and good luck kabayan!


there are 41 pinoys here, but only a few are really active, check out the resource page and click photogs from the Philippines.


Wow! A pinoy! Thanks kabayan!


hi, great start and great images vit. but i would advise you to remove your passport image on your porfolio if it's still in use.
regards kabayan.


Thanks for the positive remark and encouragement. I'm going out of town to shoot for three days. I hope I bring back great shots.


I'm really impressed! You have a creative eye for stock. I'm new here, too, learning all the ropes. You have an awesome beginning in your portfolio. I agree with Maigi's comment about the "rising star". Good luck with DT, although I don't think you are going to need a lot of luck! :-)


LOL... yeah, it seams to be the real photographer's life - to put your life on the line to get a great shot. So, it's really great that you got the shot and not got shot... :)


It's an alcohol used for heating food in catering. I forgot exactly what it is. The fire actually exploded a bit. Good thing I got the shot.


Well, that's great. And the fire is... hmm, what is burning with blue flames... some kind of gas? Did you use camping gas stove? or maybe not. Anyway, great image.


The secret about the ice is that it's a mock-up ice. Meaning, it's glass cube that I lit-up with fire at its bottom. I just waited for the right moment where the flame started showing amazing colors. About the frog, it's real!

Thanks for the positive feedback.


Wow, great photos!
I have only 2 questions:
1) how did you set your ice cube in fire? Did you use some kind of lighting techniques or Photoshop?
2) is that frog really alive?
Anyway, it's a beautiful start. If you'll continue this way, you probably gonna be a rising star in the stockphotography dreamy sky... :) Have fun here!


Welcome aboard. I've been here a few months, and it's been fun.

And I'm glad to read Tangie's comment, as I haven't played on the message boards much. I'll be popping over there a little later myself. :)


Geez! Thanks for the reminder Tangie. And sorry.


Being a new user I suppose you are not familiar with our Message Board.
On the Message board, we have a special thread for requesting positive criticism of the portfolio: where you can require other users' opinions on your portfolio.
Furthermore, we have rules regarding what should be in blog articles and what should be on the message board here.
But since you are new user, well, welcome on our site, hope people will provide their opinion.
Good luck with your work!

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