First time stock shoot

I have just spent two weeks on the Isle of Arran Scotland, the plan was two weeks of shooting stock and walking. The weather had different plans it rained every day for the full two weeks, mostly in the morning and evening !! I wont tell you how many times I set up and down it came, the rain drops there are huge, so I spent more time cleaning my lens than shooting anything.

Still for my first time out I have managed to get some decent shots to upload to dreamstime so pleased with what I achieved.

I have a couple more trips planned this year to try and get some more so fingers crossed for the weather.

Thanks to Anton9 for the inspiration to shoot stock, I now have to gain confidence with my camera in public places, as I want to get out and shoot people and places, I am not sure on the rules for this so will have to do some research. I don't even like shooting in public yet something very strange about the looks you get when people see a camera, but practise will help.

I plan to get out as much as I can over the coming months to shoot Liverpool, just need the weather now.

Photo credits: Matthew Hart.

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Thanks I do it for the time spent in the Hills and Mountains and in the special places there are in the Uk the ones you can drive to and the ones that you might have to walk 20 miles to get to or further. I do have a lot of my old shots on myspace and facebook not good enough for stock as taken with compacts and phones. You can find them on or just look up matt6t6 on face book. Thanks


It is sad that you did not get to take the pictures you wanted, but at least you got a beautiful experience out of it! I can't wait to see the pictures from your travels!


Punk in pink boots you want to come to Liverpool you would not need a model lol Sounds mad but I used to shoot in clubs for DSI but I think its because I am not sure of the rules for shooting people !! Release or not ?


With practice you will get OK at shooting in public. On Bank Holiday Monday 25th, I'm shooting a 4' 6" extrovert punk model in pink boots with 8" heels in Ilfracombe High Street at lunch time! Now we know that will not only generate some ace images but as it will also get a public reaction so I'm taking a second shooter just to catch the pubic and their faces! Tim


Matthew, some nice images, keep them coming...Up the Liverpool!!!


Beautiful photo!!! Kind of makes me think about where the Loch Ness Monster is supposed to live.


Thanks I got a bit wet for it but it was worth it shame about the seaweed but the tide was coming in fast lol


Nice shot!

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