First time to be a favorite photographer.

Dear Dreamers,

I'd like to share with you my happiness since, two days ago, for the first time I've been selected as preferred photographer by someone else !!

For me this is a great result: I'm not a professional photographer, then having been selected, let me touching the sky with a jump !!

I started photography as a hobby many years ago, with a simple analogical camera that I received as a Christmas gift.

Honestly speaking, at beginning I didn't think about any other possibility then taking pics during holidays only.

Later on, (like the fire under the ash) this hobby slowly moved forward.

Encouraged by a friend to which I showed some pictures, I enrolled a basic course of photography: suddenly concepts like shutter, ISO, exposure became familiars to me, letting me the possibility to (finally) have fun with my camera !!!

Two years ago I moved to digital camera...and the fun became the way to daily improve.

Sorry to (maybe) have bored you with this story, but if you think in addition that I've also sold my first picture here...well, my happiness is even multiplied !!

Many thanks to everybody who will dedicate few minutes to read this story...



Photo credits: Tetopedro.

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February 09, 2010


I am new to DT like to say hello to you the picture is nice and hope you continue with happiness too. 9 Feb. 2010

February 09, 2010


congratulations, keep up the great work :) good luck for more sales

February 08, 2010


Hi Stefano, not boring at all, congratulations on your achievements so far. I am sure with more uploads there will be many more sales in your PF.

February 08, 2010


Excellent portfolio! Congratulations.

February 08, 2010


Great news and inspirational - well done Stefano!

February 08, 2010


Congrats Stefano , you have very nice images

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