First timer with a lot of questions.

This is my first blog and also my first time trying to sell any of my photography. I am looking for advise, constructive criticism, and maybe some words of encouragement. I would like to know how what type of shots sell, how to take them, and any sort of information on this site. are there any useful tips about this site that I am missing?

I love photography and love sharing the beauty of the world with others, I hope that I can make some money on the way. I have only taken up photography about a year ago, so I am still learning a lot. one of my biggest questions is, how much should I be using Photography to either shape up photos, or just create images to sell. Do digitally created images sell more that a great photo or what?


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September 21, 2010

You got the questions? These members have the right answers. One word of advice beware The Upload Overload Curse!

Thats when you start off uploading too many images too soon before you get a feel for DT. This is where the images not accepted bring down your Acceptance Ratio and its hard to recover. Many of us have done it, including me! ;)

If its any consolation it does take a while before the sales start, sometimes months.

Good Luck and Welcome


September 21, 2010

Hi again! I know I only have a few photos posted, but I am wondering if there is a way to get those photos advertised more so they can get a better chance of getting sold. Also is there a step I may be missing after I get a photo accepted?


September 16, 2010

Thanks for all the input. Sorry Mjak that your having a hard time, hope things pickup. Since I have 2 kids and a house that always need work, getting pictures is usually low on the list. But I will try to take more stuff and load lots more.


September 15, 2010

Man, what I can say of my own experience since February 2010 - images (illustrations, clipart, raster or vector) - sales are extremely pitiful.


September 14, 2010

Take a look at the blogs from Petar, on the profile page are a ton of useful blogs. Start with before submission and work your way up :)


September 14, 2010

Welcome to Dreamstime Edthehead123. For a first timer your images are beautiful and will be making you money before you know it. There are alot of useful information under the Resources and Blog sections to give you ideas of what sells on Dreamstime. Dreamstime has told me not long ago that art and snapshots are not stock, so if you keep that in mind, your images will sell well.

A good way to start making money from your portfolio is to upload images of a variety of subjects. Avoid subject matters that are well covered by other contributors. There are alot of contributors that stick to rendered images only, and they are earning good money from this place. But if you enjoy photography, you should find a balance between uploading what you love and what sells on Dreamstime. Some contributors do both, mixing photography with a bit of digital renderings in their portfolio. Some play with their digital photographs with alot of digital enhancements. As a rule, there is nothing that you cannot do if it pleases you. It's always a good idea to do a quick search on a particular subject matter using the search engine to see just how many images are already available and decide if you want to add to the collection or steer away and concentrate on less crowded subject matters.

Also remember that if you're submitting editorial images, try to avoid altering your images digitally beyond basic retouching.

Have fun with your passion, and may it take you to some of the most beautiful places on earth (by that I mean your backyard as well), and of course, helping you earn some cold hard cash in the process.


September 14, 2010

Hi and welcome to DT. You ask for suggestionjs, well here there are some:
- Shoot and upload as many images as you can.
- Learn from other to see what sells.
- Once you upload an image, choose very well the name of the image and the key words, so your images can be found by others.
- Participate.
- Most important of all: Enjoy your time here.