First trip to Africa

In 2005 my girlfriend convinced me to enjoy our holidays in Kenya. First I was not impressed doing this, because my favorite destinations were everywhere, but not in Africa.

It really came different as I expected. We both love nature, animals... but I never thought that the flora and fauna in Kenya is so amazing and beautiful.

We did a one week safari through different National Park like Tsavo East, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Amboseli. Each park has its own exciting flair. We have been traveling not very comfortable, but as close to the nature as possible. And my girlfriend was so happy as she recognized that I began to love this continent. I was so impressed, that I took the chance in one of the most beautiful bushcamps as we enjoyed the sunset at Galana-River to ask my girl if she wants to marry me.. This was the start of a life-journey through Africa. To be continued.....

My wife and me love this continent and we are trying to visit it as often as it is possible. But we also want to protect Africa's nature so that is why we support the Frankfurt zoological society.

Photo credits: Holger Karius.

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February 28, 2011


Have fun on your next trip to Afrika!

October 15, 2010


Looks like you had a great trip.
Awesome portfolio.

July 08, 2008


Hi Aughty,
South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia or Tanzania - all these countries have their own special nature and flair. I have been there except Tanzania (I will catch it up in one or two years).
South Africa is very varied: Game Parks with lots of animals, deserts, big trees, coasts, mountains, etc.
In Kenya and Tanzania are animals over animals - much more than in South Africa or Namibia.
The most important is - don't hurry - in National Parks or Game Reserves in SA (e.g. Kruger, Hluhluwe, Addo, Mt. Zebra) or Namibia (Etosha) there you can go by your own with a rental car (preferable 4x4, but not a must). Stop at a interesting points, switch off the engine and just listen and watch. Often it needs some time until something happens (don't try to cover long distances at one day - instead pick out a small area and be attentive. Watch the behavior of Antelopes and other animals. Have an eye for the beautiful birds.

There are so many more things to tell...
We can keep in contact.

Ciao, Holger

July 07, 2008


Holger I'm traveling to South Africa in March for 3 weeks, any advice on how to get pictures like yours. I might head up to Kenya for 2 weeks and do 1 week in SA. Working on the plans now, any input will be helpful. Is there any area I should focus on more than others as far as stock is concern? Thanks. Nice pictures from there. Love to see all 10,000 of them.

June 16, 2008


Hi Olga, Nikolai,
thank you for your comment and the link. Russian is quite difficult for me... :-).
I have seen a lot of the world, but Africa is the place wher my wife and me want to go some day. I don't know exactly where it will be, because there are so many places, we have not seen yet. Ciao, Holger

June 15, 2008


Holger, what a beautiful story. Afrika is a definitely place we are going one day. Here is a link to one fantastic photographer, who lives in Afrika (sorry, her site only in russian)

June 01, 2008


Hi Susan,
thank you. Indeed my wife and me are very lucky. We save a lot of money to do such journeys to Africa. But this year unfortunately it is not possible... We need a new DSLR and a lens. So next year... for sure!
If you once have been there (it doesn't matter if Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, etc..) there are only to possibilities: either you hate Africa or you love it and you always want to go there again and again...
I wish you and your husband to be as lucky as we are to visit the paradise on earth.
Ciao, Holger

June 01, 2008


That's awesome that you have had several chances to see Africa and its natural beauty. Africa is on my wish list of places to travel some day in the future when my husband and I can afford to travel outside of the country.

April 27, 2008


is definately a place i want to visit one day

April 01, 2008


Hi Amy,
thank you. I already read about your childhood in Africa. My passion began in 2005. Since then I have been traveling to different countries in southern Africa... And there is still a lot to visit. Ciao, Holger

April 01, 2008


Hi Sonya,
don't wait too long ;-) If you get the chance to go there - take it.
You will never regret and try to get there as soon as possible again. Ciao, Holger

March 31, 2008


Holger, I'm glad to find another soul that loves the continent of Africa. I grew up in the DRC (Congo) and have visited Namibia twice, and traveled around South Africa and various other countries, mostly in my childhood. The nature is amazing, and the people are really wonderful too.

March 31, 2008


wow awesome, I have always wanted to make a trip there, maybe one day before I die or am to old lol...

March 31, 2008


Hi Karin,
nice to have your comment. You know what I feel...
I'm sure, you'll take amazing photos this year in RSA. Tanzania is still one of my dreams. Maybe 2009...
Ciao, Holger

March 31, 2008


Ahh. I recognize the feeling :). I only dreamed of Africa since I was a little girl. We now visit Africa every two years. You already know I love your pictures !!
I hope you will be able to visit Tanzania in the future. I'm sure you'll fall in love. (as have I and the great Bernhard)
We were planning about the same trip as you described for this year in Kenya, but decided to wait another year or 2, due to the political troubles. Now we will go and visit the Kruger Park again for 3 weeks in september and october. Not a punishment at all...........

March 31, 2008


Hi Joe,
thank you! We have been four persons. And the organisation did a specialist for African tours based in Germany with best connections to African companies. We planned our trips in 2006 and 2007 also together with them.
It is not easy to do a journey by your own through Kenya or Tanzania, but in Namibia, South Africa or Botswana it is no problem to go on your own, because the infrastructure there is much better as in eastern Africa.
Ciao, Holger

March 31, 2008


What an awesome adventure! Did you go on your own? How long did it take you to organize the trip?

Beautiful shots by the way.

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