First tutorial: Precise Whiteout...

well the story begins when i had to place some car parts (fly-wheels) online with a white background. The problem, i didnt know how to get it perfect. I tried doing it through photoshop but it was not giving me the result i was looking for until it occur to me why wont i just transfer the files into illustrator instead. Since Illustrator doesn't not work with pixels its a straight line any way you put it.

First open the file in photoshop and save it as an eps. Open the file in illustrator and place the file in layer 1. Now select the object and lock it. With the object now locked go over with the pen tool (no fill) around the edge of the object. once done fill in the shape. (any color, doesn't matter). select the shape and transfer the shape into a new layer (layer 2) on top of the graphic (cut and paste in place works best). Select the shape tool and draw a box around the document with a white fill-in, place the box on the same layer with the fill-in shape (layer 2). The final step is to select both (graphic and the box) > go to the pathfinder box and select cutout, once done you should have the box with the cutout of the object within, which will give the perfect look of a white background. If you guys couldnt not understand please feel free to drop me a line and i will try my best to explain.

Photo credits: Darwin Lopez.

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August 07, 2011


Hi David, it only depends on your skills with illustrator and the object. i recently uploaded an image (see below) and it basically took me 5 minutes to process. Ultimately you never know how a image will do so i tend to treat all of my images equally. Also its to never be content with what you may already know. trying new ways and testing youself all of the time. eventually all of us be 42 cents richer :)

Best regards,

August 07, 2011


So much work to make one image which might sell for a few cents to a buyer with a subscription ? How can you justify the time ? David

July 25, 2011


It"s intersting I'll try! :)

July 20, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

July 20, 2011


Hi Digitalexpressionimages, you are totally correct that this can be done with a mask in photoshop but mainly you can still edit the graphic as your please more freely then the mask.

July 20, 2011


Creating a mask for an object to make a white background is a good idea but it can be done in photoshop too. Once you've completed the path (with the pen tool just like in Illustrator) just turn it into a mask.

July 20, 2011


Thanks for taking the time to explain this method - very useful

July 20, 2011


Thanks for sharing.

July 20, 2011


Great idea! Thanks you very much for sharing! Very useful article!!!

July 20, 2011


Thanks for sharing. I only use PS at the moment but have start looking at Illustrator as well. Would like to learn about vector graphics.

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