First Two Photographs Sold Featuring a Honey Bee On a Manuka Flower

On the 20th September I had my first photos approved and I made a post called First Photos Accepted Because I Did Not Give Up.

Since then I have played with my camera learning more and more about the different settings.

Today I came back here to see how my photos were doing and found that I had sold 2! I am so happy that at least 2 of my photos have sold within 2 weeks of them being uploaded.

This photo was the first one sold on the 6th October.

Honey Bee on Manuka Flower

The following photo is one of my favourites and was sold on the 13th October.

Honey Bee on Manuka flower

Manuka Honey is the best honey in the world with alot of medicinal properties. The Manuka (tree) only flowers for a few months of the year, from about July to about November.

I have an area close by my house that has both the white flowers as well as the pink manuka flowers side by side and when they first bloomed the sound of the bees welcomed me there before I even saw how many flowers and bees there were.

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Beautiful macro shots!!!!


Beutiful pictures! Hey, do you have a model release for the bee? :)


To Inyrdreams - that is an interesting comment - and I have just realised that the manuka flowers do not have a smell!

To FabioConcetta - Thank you :)

To Seawatch1 - Thank you - I am so glad that cameras are now DSLR and not the old SLR as it would ahve cost a fortune to get so many films developed to find out if the shots had good depth of field!


Good job. I've never seen those flowers before. .do they smell good as well?


Beautiful images!!!


Nice shots! Difficult to get that kind of depth of field when shooting that close. You did really well.

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