First Vacation as a Stocker: Egypt

I've been doing landscape and fine art photography for a while now but I am new to the Stock world. As I write this blog, it will be one week from today that I will be off for a two week vacation to Egypt... I think you Europeans call it "Holiday." :-)

I've always taken lots of photos while on vacation/holiday but this is the first time I will be going with an eye for stock. It remains to be seen how successful that is. The fundamental goal is to get my camera equipment to Egypt and safely back home. And all within the constraints of airline travel.

I've purchased a compact camera bag. It will hold almost everything; the rest will be in small zipper bags and put inside a larger backpack. This has been the most frustrating part of preparation. The ideal camera bag will be compact yet big enough to hold a normal amount of camera equipment but also have room for change of clothes, water bottles, etc. I've found bags that come close but the water bottles would have to be inside the bag and on top. So what if the water bottles start to leak?

I've spent $200 on extra memory cards. I probably would have done that stock or no stock. When photography is in your blood, there is just no excuse for not being able to take pictures!

My camera requires camera-specific batteries so I purchased two extras, just in case. The charger specs say it should work with electrical power outside of my country but I bought a power converter just in case. That was $22 and worth the peace of mind.

The larger backpack I had purchased is not perfect. It's small enough to be a carry on with the airline so I can haul everything with me (no way will I throw my equipment in with the check-in bag!) but it means it's going to be an issue during the tour. I may consider bringing another pack if I have room in the checked bag.

© Sunnyi
I'm booked with a regular tour group. From my Internet research, it appears to be a typical vacation. Almost a week in Cairo and then almost a week of cruising the Nile. I will be chained to the group most of the time which will limit my ability to wander but I do plan to deviate from the tour when time permits. I have looked into hiring a taxi for a day while in Cairo in order to spend the entire day touring the pyramids. The tour has an included tour but it's at Giza for only a few hours and an optional tour to another set of pyramids. There are many pyramids near Cairo so I want to maximize my time doing that. This will probably be just one day in my life where I have a chance to do this so I want to make it a special day. It will be a long time if I do ever come back.

I'm also making a list of things to see when there is free time from the tour package. I doubt if I will be successful in doing everything on the list but it's part of being prepared when an opportunity comes up.

I'd love to hear any sage advice from anyone who has used part of their vacation to do stock while overcoming various issues of international travel. I hope you all have your own adventures too. The images I chose for this blog all have 0 sales, I don't know if this gives them exposure but if anything, I'm sure the person behind the camera was having fun. :-)

Photo credits: Chikapylka, RafaƂ Cichawa, Sunnyi.

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September 14, 2009


I would suggest taking a macro lens or at least having close focusing abilities - there are a lot of different textures and colors in a foreign land! I've done quite a bit of travel and things are getting easier - many hotels have power bars with universal outlets and battery powered equipment rated for 220V can be plugged into anything without a convertor. However, in the end you have to take the adapters and converters just in case. I'd also make sure to take a polarizer.

September 13, 2009


How exciting! Like you I had trouble fitting everything camera related in a carry-on bag, but managed to do it & included a laptop for downloading as well. I used a small wheelie suitcase which fitted in an overhead locker - with some juggling everything goes in, including leads, battery chargers, adaptors etc. The suitcase was for travel purposes only though so you would still need to pack a backpack/camera case.

Don't forget the small details - it's easy to get carried away by the big stuff (ie pyramids etc) but miss the fanastic colours and shapes that are included in Eygptian architecture, such as unusual doorways and fancy ironwork.

Definitely do plenty of internet research before going to ensure you get to see the good stuff but avoid the tourist rip offs - they've all been photographed to death anyway. You probably won't get to see half of what you'd like to, but hopefully what you do see will be worth it. Have fun and enjoy.

September 13, 2009


great preparation. hope you have fantastic two weeks in Egypt. And dont forget to try some Arabic Coffee, and some Arabic Food. Well waiting for your travel images.

September 12, 2009


How wonderful!!! Travel safe, and have fun!!!!
A few additional thoughts (I love to discuss travel). You mentioned a converter. Does it come with adapter plugs? (You will most likely not need the converter, but you will need an adapter.) I recommend bringing a few extra adapter plugs. They are only a couple dollars. The plugs are small, and can get broken, lost, misplaced, etc., easily. You won't be able to recharge without an adapter, unless the cruise ship has an American style outlet (some ships do). FYI, it might be hard to find a taxi driver who speaks English. (It really helps to be able to communicate.) Talk to your hotel's concierge or front desk. They might be able to recommend a well priced car and English speaking driver. It has worked for me. And don't forget the little alcohol bottles, to clean your hands (a lot).

September 12, 2009


Sounds like you have a fantastic trip coming up. Enjoy yourself while you are there :0)

September 12, 2009


Great! I'm fascinated with the egyptian history! Thanks for sharing :)

September 12, 2009


Very exciting adventure and I am confident your preparations will pay off. David.

September 12, 2009


Beautiful photos!Cheers,Gabriel

September 12, 2009


Egypt is so special is impossible to stop shooting!

September 12, 2009


Sounds like you have most things covered; my only suggestion would be to include some type of plastic bag or covering for protecting equipment quickly against the elements. In addition, if you pack a water bottle IN your camera bag I would put that in a sealed plastic bag just to insure no leakage onto your equipment. Have a fabulous adventure! :)

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