First year

It's been one year now since I started submitting to Dreamstime. In this last year, I learned a lot about stock photography and photography in general. The quality of my pictures is way better than last year and I still have a lot to learn (don't we all).

In august 2007, my first submission of 5 pictures got one accepted, that future referee one to the right. From the 20% approval of the first little batch, I went to 55% on the next one in september but my technique for white background was far from perfect as you can see with the ballet shoes here . Still, it had some potential.

I had 55 photos online through all winter and did not upload anything from october through may 2008. Hibernation I guess. Still, the sales came in steadily although the volume was low which is normal for a small portfolio. In may this year, i decided to give it a go and upload more. My portfolio has grown from 55 to 369 photos in the last 4 months and I'm happy to say my approval rate for september is 100%. From the september files, you can see that my white background technique has evolved a lot (Special thanks to Zack Arias for that).

Photo credits: , Saskia Massink, Eric Cote.

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September 17, 2008


Congrats Eric for the Anniversary
 Flower Arrangement 

September 16, 2008


Happy Anniversary! Great portfolio! I wish you even more success in the coming year.

September 16, 2008


Eric, it's great to read your blogs, so recognizable...

Love that picture of you and your son!

And thank you for using my lucky shot :-)

September 16, 2008


Love those shots of the kids! Congratulations on a successful year.

September 15, 2008


That is a sweet tutorial that Zack has up on his site: White seamless

Congrats on your success!

September 15, 2008


Hi there fellow Canuk, congrats on a successful first year. Your shots with white background are very nice indeed. My first year is coming up in October. Your blog pretty much sums up my first year so far. I'm sure second year for you will be even better than the first. - Joe

September 15, 2008


Hi Eric, It is always gratifying to look back and see how far one has improved. Your white background technique is inspiring -- I am presently utilizing some of the DT tutorials working on the same with some of my golfer shots. Seeing your images tells me I have much to learn. Thank you for sharing. Cheers, Marilyn

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