First year on Dreamstime

So, I've just hit a year on Dreamstime, and what a year it's been! After being exclusive on another agency for over 7 years, it was a huge decision for me to change over, but I have been most pleasantly surprised with the subsequent sales here for my first year.

I've really enjoyed getting to know the staff and fellow contributors on DT, it is a wonderful place to share and learn and a very happy community to be a part of.

I have no regrets whatsoever in making that big decision to change over, in all truth, I only wish I had moved across sooner!

If anyone is considering going exclusive, I highly recommend it - if one is to be exclusive anywhere, I feel this is the place to be.

Thanks Dreamstime, my first year has been a very positive experience and I am certainly looking forward to a great 2012!

Photo credits: Tamara Bauer.

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Thanks for posting! Good luck!


How many photos from previous agency was approved here? Thanks.


Congrats and all great works!


Your experience elsewhere has certainly helped you to a flying start here ! Lovely portfolio. David


Congratulations on your successful year!!! Good luck for the future.


Hi Tamara.
Maybe I'm just to much sometimes,Your work is outstanding.Thanks for reply(very sober and substantial).Again I respect Your work a lot and yes You are a PRO(who am I to judge?)anyways love Your work,cheers,E. Maybe I'll be brave enough to show You some of my pics of kids,but they are so crude...


Thanks for your 2 cents worth, Erik. The expression isn't actually "faked" - it wasn't taken for the purpose of this image, it was taken down at the beach and she was being goofy and making funny expressions, this was the result of one of them. This shot is actually a composite of five different images. I just loved the joy and surprise in her face and thought it would make a good image to promote reading in children. It got an Editor's Choice and is selling, so I'm happy :)


Hi Tamara.
Being a Pro demands attention to subtleties,be a pro,fake look on kid's face nono.
BTW I admire Your work and wish to have ten % of Your talent.
Sorry for mixed feedback,by all means Your work is delicious.
Let's see if I was not to much of an asshole .Easy to take kisses,but sometimes kicks ar more friendly and productive.Regards ,E.


I have been here since 2004 when DT was just a baby. And I love it here. I am exclusive and wouldn't change it. DT is fair and I have never hade any problems. Dreamstime is AWESOME!


I appreciate the articles you've written w/ tips on using Photoshop, etc. They have been most helpful to me. Love your photos too..........


One of the contributors that I have seen grow real fast.
Keep up the good work Tamara


tough,tough,tough, you're an excellent photographer and good luck in 2012!


Couldn't agree with you more Tamara. I chose to go exclusive, and although my portfolio is only a pinhead compared to yours, I am grateful and happy to be part of the Dreamstime community. Congratulations and I am sure your success will continue indefinitely as your work is outstanding.


Wow!!! - I'm really impressed - heaps of excellent photos - really an inspiration - I really see the blessing you are doing for others but are already receiving and if I start calculating what all this sowing in your first year will mean for your second year to come!!! I will be keeping an eye on your success to inspire and motivate myself - thanks for sharing!!!


Thank you so much all of you, happy New Year to everyone!


Congratulations Tamara!


Congratulation for your great portfolio! I am sure your success will increase next year. Good 2012!!


Great portfolio, congrats!!!


Great portfolio!!! Congratulations on your deserved success!!! bye, Francesca :-)




You've certainly made your mark here in a very short time, congratulations and the best of successes for 2012!


Congratulations Tamara...good luck!


Thank you so much everyone, and Brad, such kind words, thank you!


We're glad you are here! You bring some very creative and unique images to DT...




Congrats Tamara , your images are wonderful , you have fantastic imagination , wishes for more and more success :) .


Congratulations, Tamara. Your images are great and you go very fast. I wish you the 2nd year which would be even better comparing to 1st one :)


Wow, what lovely words, Lfmpereira, thank you so very, very much!!


Look, i cant describe what i felt when i saw your images.

They are absolutely delicious. You are amazing, amazing, amazing.

I wish someday i can do something remotely similar to what you do.

Congratulations and a happy new year.


Hello Tamara, your choice was very difficult, but Im glad it was successful on this agency, you have a beautiful portfolio and really deserves all the sales and the success achieved, wishes for a happy new year!

Thanks Fabio, I'm glad it was successful too! ;)

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