The first you must do!!!

In Easter i make a trip to Madrid. And i think to my self, "great i can relax and i can visit a new country and make some pictures for stock!"

Maybe because i was on vacations i feel more relax and don

The sad part of the story is that in the first night at Madrid i take some pictures from some buildings and set the ISO to 800. The next day the ISO was still in the 800 and i don

What i want to said is that the preparation is so important as the pictures, place and light. If you don

In the end i can only recover 5 or 6 good images and get my car in the police station for bad parking and a fee of 165€. :)

Photo credits: Paulo Resende.

Your article must be written in English

April 03, 2008


aww... how saaadd..................
why we all have to learn it in a hard way?
I wish you lot of inspiration from your homeland beauty! Maybe this can recover your loss. Hold on!

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