The first you must do!!!

In Easter i make a trip to Madrid. And i think to my self, "great i can relax and i can visit a new country and make some pictures for stock!"

Maybe because i was on vacations i feel more relax and don

The sad part of the story is that in the first night at Madrid i take some pictures from some buildings and set the ISO to 800. The next day the ISO was still in the 800 and i don

What i want to said is that the preparation is so important as the pictures, place and light. If you don

In the end i can only recover 5 or 6 good images and get my car in the police station for bad parking and a fee of 165€. :)

Photo credits: Paulo Resende.

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April 03, 2008


Oh, that's too bad! I make it a habit to change my camera back to the automatic setting when I finish for the day... because I've done the same thing. White balance is usually my issue though.

April 03, 2008


aww... how saaadd..................
why we all have to learn it in a hard way?
I wish you lot of inspiration from your homeland beauty! Maybe this can recover your loss. Hold on!

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